About a girl

Here's the thing about being a woman: it's a quest.

It a quest of living in the world of many

It's a quest of running from moulds hoping there is a place where you can't find any

It's a quest of being brave a quest of sticking to your tears

It's a quest about allowing yourself to be just as you are when you are surrounded by fears

Here's the thing about being a woman: it starts with being a girl.

It starts with play and laughter

It starts with roles you learn to play

It starts with need for dreaming

It starts with the search of your own way.

Here is the thing about being a mom: it's all of the sudden

It starts not knowing what to do

It starts not knowing who you are

It starts hoping that dreams will come true

I starts when you create the bond

between the girl and the woman in you.

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